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The Paper Pirate

Coming soon: A crooked antiques/rare books dealer from New York and his lazy, sex-and-money-obsessed hanger-on have been in the small town of Brookdale, PA for weeks, scouring vendors of vintage treasures for a certain copy of an 1890s novel. It's on a dusty shelf in the local bookstore, The Paper Pirate, but the owners have no idea how valuable it is or to what lengths the stranger will go to possess it.


Review: Prejudice is ugly but Dawn McIntyre tackles this subject with restraint and finesse. In this well written book Ms. McIntyre touches on subjects from distrust of outsiders who buy into a small town in order to develop a new lake community to racial prejudice. The characters, especially Sarah Greene, the main character, are very true to life. This is a thoughtful, well rounded treatment of two difficult subjects.